I am a Hairstylist - Makeup Artist & Graphic Designer but you can call me


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Being the youngest of 6 meant I grew up in the arms of many inspirations. Back in the 90’s, hand-me-down shirts and a pair of scissors led me to DIY dresses and a few homemade haircuts. Soon enough my childhood crafts became my passions, and I wound up watching my visions become reality.

The real journey started with Hairstyling, I was hooked after competing in my first Toronto Competition where I landed second place for my design. I couldn’t stop there, Sheridan College taught me the art of makeup. Behind the scenes of photo shoots is where I am able to create.

My true love is with art. I am not bias hair, makeup, photography or music I am ready to explore. I’m confident in my ability to mess up a hemline or paint the wrong picture, but I’m certain even my worst mistakes have been born from the best intentions.

This past May, I interned at Cirque Du Soleil in Montreal during The Pan America Games as an assistant makeup artist. This experience introduced me to the art of Graphic Design. Which brings me to my newest challenge.

As a recent graduate of Humber College's Graphic Design for Print and Web, I’m ready to dig into the world of image, colour, type, and design. I believe a well rounded skill set is essential and I look forward to continuing my journey and exploring artistry while I take on Graphic Design.

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